It is the late 1930s Nazi Germany in India of today — on the eve of destruction — as far as its 200+ million Muslims are concerned. The world knows it, and cannot or won’t do anything about it. With these assumptions, this website is dedicated to the idea that the Jewish experience from its historical origins to today can be a guide for Muslims, and probably all persecuted minorities everywhere, in taming a total state hostility deployed against them; in helping to moderate and to overcome the worst instincts of that country, which is struggling to become a one nation, pining for it, and can taste and smell its potential success in a matter of a decade. Brahminism expelled Buddhism in the third century from India. It has ambitions to ban Islam, just as China is doing, eradicating the idea of Islam from the minds of entire generations of Muslims.

By 2032, three giant economies will dominate the world stage: China, India and the West with the middling states such as Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Arabs choosing sides and doing a roaring business with the big ones.

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